Thursday, August 18, 2011

Book Review: The Hunger Games Series

Yup. I did it. I read the whole series in like 4 days. A part of me is a little sick over it (why is there a 13 year old girl controlling my reading choices not to mention my tv choices) but the other part kind of loves it.  I tried to explain to Sean that it was basically a dumbed down version of Enders Game (the sci fi part) with a cheesy romantic twist. He didn't buy it.

Seeing as I will never read them again I am giving away the series. Oh and I know what your thinking. Didn't you say you were using the library more? Not buying books? Well I read the first one (from the library, so that one will be unread and brand spanking new) on the train to NYC and then finished it and needed something for the ride home so I bought the second one in the city and pretty much finished it on the train, so I had to buy the last one as well because you get hooked. . hooked!

PS: Not much a review huh, yup that's how things go here.


  1. I LOVED the Hunger Game series!!

    My favorite guilty pleasure was the Pretty Little Liars book series, I tore through them.

    I'd love these books to send to my best friend because she hasn't read them and we used to share books but now that I have a kindle I cant send them to her to read! :(

  2. I'd love to read the Hunger Games series since I keep hearing awesome things about them. Books I'm ashamed to admit I love...hmmm...the Shopaholic series! I know they aren't the greatest books ever but I love them :)

  3. Is this open everywhere?? Being European sometimes sucks a lot since all giveaways I find are exclusively for USA/Canada... and I would really love to win "The Hunger Games" (okay, I'm planning on buying them but you gotta try win them first, right??)

    Even if it's not open to Europe (please, be *kneels and prays*) I'll enter anyway:
    Book(s) I'm ashamed to love...?? let me think... I keep telling people I'm tired of "Twilight" and all but, truth be told, I pretty much LOVED the first book *blushes* I think with all the craziness around it I just didn't wanted to be called Twi-Hard (I'm more of a Harry Potter person rather than Twilight)
    There, I've said it :P

    Cool blog - came across it by searching giveaways on The Hunger Games, I admit, but I've been exploring and actually like it.

    Good job ^_^

  4. is the giveaway open to anyone? because i lost my books (I LOVED THEM, took so much care of them but then I lent it to a cousin and...) and my mum will slaughter me when she finds out, so this giveaway could save my life...
    books I'm ashamed to love? the William books by Richard Crompton - way too old for it! And Narnia, because it feels like I'm the only one who does.


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