Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sean's Birthday

I was lucky enough to find an amazing guy to spend my life with. He is low key and easy going, aka didn't want to do anything for his birthday. But I had to plan a few things for him. Logan picked out a balloon, I made homemade Mac and Cheese and a twist on his favorite oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies (the only dessert he ever asks for). 

You can find the recipe at Annie's Eats They are really good but so rich. You only need a little bite or two or three.

Sean always complains I never have "treats" around the house which is true. Mainly because I will eat them if they are around. I have no control. It's sad. So part of his present was this.

Some of his favorites. I was going to take him to hit a bucket of golf balls but its raining so we well do that another time. I have one thing planned for later that I will share tomorrow. I'm excited!

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