Thursday, December 11, 2014

Brandon: Week 17- Week 21

Oh second child, where does the time go? It's not that I love you any less, it's just that time slips through my fingers. You are doing so much now! Rolling over, reaching and grabbing toys, blowing bubbles, sleeping horribly, loving your exersaucer, starting to notice when I leave the room (and not liking it), interacting with your sister and the dog, trying to watch t.v., grabbing my hair, always wanting to nurse if I am holding you. You are a bundle of joy and everyone sees it. We took you to the neurologist at 4 months and she said you are just fine!  On 11-9-2014 you weighed 14lbs 6oz (40%), 25.5 inches long (75%) and your head (which use to be tiny) had grown to 16.5 inches (40%). The doctor was so happy with you and your progress.  It's crazy how much we love you! 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ellie: 20 Months

Ella Bella. She keeps getting better and better. She has little conversations with us. Half real, half some made up speed talk. We cut out milk at bed time and she has it at dinner in a big girl cup. She often eats at her table in the living room so we can all be together in the short time we have with them after work. I'm not a huge fan as she will start to walk around eating when she is bored. She loves her brother and asks to "Hold her". I think all babies are girls. She loves to draw, play with babies, blocks, look at books. She watches Arthur, Curious George, Peppa Pig and Bubble Guppies. She is very sweet but also naughty. Will steal pacifiers and blankets. She loves to skip/hop/dance. She loves showing people he brother or "baby". She did great at trick or treating and we went around the block but she was tuckered out by the end. She was Minnie Mouse, a football player, a chicken, dinosaur from Barney and Princess Peach. Two of those were Addy's from previous years.

Brandon: Week 16

This little prankster. He had us worried for two weeks after our doctor showed concern over his rigidness. After getting his blood tested (came back normal) and seeing a neurologist we are back to thinking he is perfect again. She thinks he has a little palsy in his left arm but nothing that shouldn't work its way out on it's own over time. We also hit the 4 months sleep regression and he has a little cold (so does sister and mom). But still, he is the best baby ever.

Brandon: Week 15

Poor buddy had thrush and then conjunctivitis, but just like him, didn't bat an eye and was happy as can be through it all.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Brandon: Week 14

Don't mind the scary eyes...something happened in editing his red eyes. This boy is amazing. Rolling over front to back, grabbing toys, smiling like crazy, talking up a storm, he is the absolute best. His sister adores him and who can blame her. He is a charmer for sure. He is still sleeping swaddled and normally wakes once or twice. Eats like a champ going boob to bottle to formula with no concerns. I couldn't imagine loving anything more than Ella but he is right up there.

Brandon: Week 13

Brandon: Week 12


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