Monday, March 2, 2015

Brandon: Week 25-27

Ella Turns Two!

It was a Pink Peppa Pig Party with lots of jumping and bubbles for my little girl. So happy to share it with all out family and friends. Pictures taken by Ashley at

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ella: 23 months

You are the best little girl! Smart, funny, kind. You are also bold, adventurous and loud! We love every bit of you to pieces. You started swimming lessons and love them. You are doing great at school. You love the color PINK! but can also point out yellow, blue, green, and sometimes purple. You singing is one of my favorite things. ABC's, 5 little monkeys, Baby bear (which we think you made up) and Peppa Pig. You can say all your numbers but normally start at 3. Today you sang happy birthday to MeMe Dee. You love playing in the snow and we have had lots of it. You adore your brother until he takes one of your toys. Poor Logan is always being told he is, "Not Nice!" but occasionally you snuggle up to him. Most importantly when you see any sport being played you yell, "Go Patriots!" and your dads heart melts. 

Ella: 22 Months

Ella Marie! Christmas came and went. You were not a fan of sitting on santas lap but you loved saying HoHoHo when you saw a picture of him and loved reading your Christmas books. You made us truly "get" the holidays this year. Everything was special to you and you enjoyed every second. We love you munchkin! 


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