Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ellie: 18 months

One and a half. I can't believe it! You are a true joy. You have your moments but your smiles and hugs wash the tantrums away. You are so stinking smart and learn so fast. You know more words than I can count and with us, are a total chatterbox. You just started singing little songs to yourself and you still have the best little dance around. We went to the zoo for the first time and you had so much fun with all the animals. Mostly staring in awe. You can feed yourself pasta, yogurt and applesauce like things with a spoon with little mess (when your in the mood) and are getting pretty good with a fork. You love telling us all "back!" so that you can do stuff on your own. You LOVE your babies. You have a night time baby, a downstairs baby and you order us around with instructions to wrap the baby in a blanket or put the baby in the shopping cart. You are also loving the blocks Meme bought. You pick out your favorite shape and then only play with that kind. You love climbing on your daddy and being tossed around. At the park you love the slides and swings and poking your head through the tunnels. TV is now something you ask for which normally I would be horrified by but now its a break when I have to feed the baby. You love your brother but get very upset when I can't hold you. You are a real treat miss Ella. We are so lucky to have you in our lives. 

Brandon: Week 4

At 4 weeks you are just like your sister. A decent sleeper, a great eater, pretty good during the day and fussy right around the time we eat. Thankfully now I am excellent at eating with one hand while you nurse. Meme left and Baby Amelie was born. We had a BBQ in your honor and got to meet Sadie Grace and Eyden. Both precious. We went to a zoo, where you slept the whole time but your sister had fun. I can't wait when you to can enjoy things together but I am holding on to every day of your newborn "ness". I took some pintresty photos of you. They came out pretty good.  

Ellie at 4 weeks

Monday, August 18, 2014

Brandon: Week 3

This picture makes him look bigger than he is. Which I am not a fan of! We went to the doctor and he was 9lbs 14oz and hitting all his marks. Another strong neck, strong armed baby. He is still pretty much a dream although the evenings he seems to be a little fussier. Ellie was too though, so I at least knew what to expect and can calm him, or pop him on the boob. Second time around is much easier. We are nursing on demand although I need to start a schedule soon. I cut dairy on the recommendation of the doctor due to his mucus poops. We will see how it works. He is not unhappy in any way so I'm not too worried. Another busy, but great week.

Logan: 6th Birthday

Love you buddy!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Brandon: Week 2

Little boy. You are still a dream baby. The past weekend my body finally gave in to the cold Ellie gave me and I had to go get antibiotics from urgent care. You and your sister were awesome and let everyone get lots of sleep. You have started to get a little fussy around 7-9 not wanting to go down for the night so dad takes you while I get some sleep. You eat every two to three hours during the day and a good 4-5 hour stretche at night. I normally feed you at 2 and 5 or 1 and 4. Other than that you snooze or eat most of the day. I love the miracle blanket because it is the only swaddle you can't get out of. You are so strong! You like the swing ok and sit in it a lot when you are sleeping. Overall a great week. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Brandon: Week 1

This little boy has yawned his way in to all of our hearts. He has slept 90% of his first week and ate the other 10%. He is a great nurser, the best snuggler and is very heard not to love. He had a little jaundice so we had some extra blood test to get done but nothing that a little time, some sun and mommy's milk couldn't solve. With his big sister sick his extra sleepy behavior has been a bit of relief. He is very mellow and a go with the flow type of guy. We hope this continues as mommy is getting lots of sleep! Speaking of sleep he is in the rock in play right next to mommy and has to be woken up to feed. This striped outfit is 0-3 which is a little big but his newborn clothes are tight to get on so we are a bit in between. 

Brandon Patrick: Birth Story

Like Ellie, Brandon was overdue. Unlike Ellie, we made it to our check-in time at the hospital. On July 15th at 3:00pm, 41 weeks and 1 day, we drove to the hospital and waited to check in. No one was in a hurry. Not Brandon, not the nurses, in fact I think it took over an hour to get into our room. Once in the room we did more waiting and I was just being monitored until 9pm where they gave me a tiny little pill to help ripen the cervix. It started to cause contractions that were painful enough to ask for dugs but not painful enough for an epidural. The drug they gave me made me feel awful. Like I had to much to drink, sweaty, dizzy, and tired. I was able to get a little sleep at least. Because I was contracting on my own they didn't want to do anything else but wait. So we waited...until my contractions went away. At 7am on July 16th, I got an epidural, I was at 4cm and having lots of back pain. The epidural was great and had no pain at all by 8am. Started pitocin at 1pm and was 5cm dilated. At 5pm I was only at 5.5cm so the doctor broke my water. At 6pm I was having a lot of pain. I asked to get another bag for the epidural and we were waiting for the Anesthesiologist. A random midwife checked me and said I was only 7-8cm but I was still in a lot of pain and felt like I needed to push. The Anesthesiologist refiled my bag but I still felt like I needed to push. Dr. Dissandro checked me and said that I could try pushing. Within 4 minutes he was born and put on my chest. A perfect, BIG, baby boy. After an hour of skin to skin the wiped him up and weighed him. 9lbs 13oz, 20 1/2 inches. Everyone thought I was crazy to guess he was 10 pounds but I just knew it! The rest of the stay at the hospital was routine with nothing out of the ordinary. Exactly what you want with a new baby. Sean and I both fell in love instantly with this perfect little boy. 


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