Thursday, May 14, 2015

Brandon: Week 32-40

Brandon Boy

You are such a little joy. You sleep great but as soon as you are awake you are on all day long. Climbing, crawling, eating, clapping, pushing, moving furniture, splashing in water. You have no time to sit and drink a bottle and certainly can not be asked to stay still for a diaper change.  You can be sweet and snugly for moments letting me hold you close but never for too long. There is too much to do. You are still in our room but not for much longer. You are getting a new one as I type. You should be eating 4 bottles a day but you normally only finish the night bottle. You just started drinking out of a sippy cup and you think its so funny. You eat everything and cry (or clap) for more. You LOVE your sister and her pink chair. You are quite naughty and will crawl up on things you shouldn't then look back and smile when we say no. You have an appointment at The Shriner's Hospital for your little bow legs but I have a feeling they will swat us away. You may not get as many posts as your sister did but you get 100 kisses a day. We love you Brandon Boy. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Brandon: Week 28-31

You are a joy. I can't put in to words the way my heart warms when you smile at me. Or when you pull yourself up and smile with pride. You are such a joy in our lives. You started crawling right at 6 months and weeks later started pulling yourself up. I was happy you could do it on your own because for weeks we had to hold you standing. It is all you wanted to do. Standin' Brandon. You say da da da all day long and we all, daycare included, thinks you say Ella. No mama yet although I whisper it to you in your sleep. You are sleeping in the big crib now. Still in our room. 

You have been sick constantly this winter but never with a bad fever. Just constant sneezing and snotty nose. We have all felt it this time around. I can not wait to take you to parks and for walks on the beach. You are so content in the car seat and often fall asleep in it even on short trips so we lug around the infant car seat even though it is extremely heavy. You are doing great with solid foods and drink 4, 8oz bottles a day. You are still in love with your sister. You stare at her with a permanent smile and if allowed attack her with "hugs". She sings you patty cake and you light up. You play independently mostly "cruising" and banging things together. Little people chewing is your favorite. 

You do have your moments of screaming. Usually when I am getting you dressed. But for the most part you are our chill baby but always on the move. We love you Bran! 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Brandon: Week 25-27

Ella Turns Two!

It was a Pink Peppa Pig Party with lots of jumping and bubbles for my little girl. So happy to share it with all out family and friends. Pictures taken by Ashley at


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