Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ellie: 13 Months

Ellie has mastered walking.  It's amazing how she went from her first steps to really moving in a month. She has another ear infection but still seems happy for the most part. She can say "up" and "bye" and wave, give kisses, high fives. We are done with bottles and formula. I did it cold turkey one night and she was not happy with me. The next night was better and then the third night she didn't seem to care. She does still get whole milk in a sippy at night. This month has really gotten away from me. In fact she is almost 14 months. Sean and I keep getting sick and Brandon is getting bigger. We had our final snow but it was awful. Today it is gone though, thesun is out, and spring is here. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ellie's 1st Birthday

Well, it was a Winter "One"derland for sure. We had a beautiful, cold, snow covered day to celebrate Ellie's first birthday. She was a champ and charmed everyone there. We ate "Chili" and had a Cocoa bar, lots of yummy desserts, and a beautiful, funny baby girl to admire. She even showed off by walking for everyone.

It was a nice way to end a wonderful year. We were so happy to spend it with all of our friends and family who will help shape this little girl's future and who have been such a large part of her life.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Week 21 (Number Two)

We are having a baby boy! Right now he is the size of a banana and weighs about 15oz. Besides constantly having what feels like allergies and/or having some sort of cold, I feel exactly the same as I did with Ella. I am starting to feel the discomfort as things stretch and grow, I get tired if I stand to long, and sleeping on my side is still no fun. Otherwise I feel blessed to have another baby growing in my belly.

We decided on a boy name pretty early on. Brandon Patrick. We both like that although it's a "normal" name it is not common at all. People will be able to spell it, and hopefully it won't be in the top 10 names by the end of 2014.

So Ellie and Bran it is. Two babies, 16 months apart. We both go through moments of extreme happiness followed by moments of "how the heck are we going to do this?". One day at a time for now. 18 more weeks to have my sweet Ellie to myself. Then my heart will grows in ways I can't now understand. I just hope my patience grows with it.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Ellie: 52 Weeks (1 year!)

My sweet baby girl. She was amazing at her birthday party. She was happy, playful, patient with all her cousins opening her gifts for her, showing off her new walking skills to all her friends and family. An absolute joy. It was so nice to see since she was still getting over the ear infection. We had a great time in Florida even though she wasn't feeling well. We went to the pool everyday where she liked sitting on the edge and jumping to us. She also liked playing motor boat and kicking her feet. We are going to sign her up for swim classes when she is 15 months. I can't wait to watch her take to the water. She loves it so much. Flying with a 1 year old is hard but she made friends everywhere we went. I'm glad we made those memories and that she got to see MeMe Dee and Papa Vic. I know they were happy to see you!

She is still an amazing sleeper. 7-6 through the night like a champ. Naps are getting better at daycare.

Speaking of, we love her new daycare. They seem much more attentive and she has lots of kids her age to play with. Sean says she cries when he drops her off but they promise it is only for a moment. I have noticed her becoming more needy with us. I think it is just this age. She eats a lot at daycare. Not so much for me, but they say she loves almost everything. I think when there are 6 other kids eating it helps her concentrate. Now she has a half milk/half formula bottle in the morning and night and then here and there during the day. I have tried giving her the formula milk out of sippy cups and she won't drink it...but then I pour it into a bottle and she slurps it down. I think soon we will get rid of them all together now that she is eating so well.

She is walking! She still prefers to crawl but can walk just fine and is so proud of herself when she does. She loves pushing her unicorn and other sit and stand toy around and is getting very good about turning it and getting it out of corners. Just a few weeks ago she would cry for us to turn it. She also loves her big chair her Aunt Kelly got her. She likes to stand in it though which is very scary for me, and when I try to get her to sit she thinks its a game and laughs at me. That is when I see glimpses of a 15 year old laughing at me when I tell her to clean her room.

She can say, dada, mama, hello, and Ella on command. She will point to her nose and sometimes her mouth and ears. She has mastered the shape sorter...well almost. She loves putting caps on things like her medicine bottles. I think she know what Logan means and will look at him when I say, "Where's Logan" but doesn't point. She gives high fives when she wants to and kisses. She LOVEs iphones, remotes, and computer keyboards.

She is in 12 or 12-18 month clothes. The next diapers being delivered our 4s. Mostly because she soaks her night diaper but during the day she is fine in 3s.

Some things I don't want to forget: Her sweet little hugs, the way she holds onto you and rubs her feet together in the sleep sack when you are burping her, her soft little curls that sometimes look like a mullet and sometimes look so darn cute, her soft, plump, kissable cheeks, how she will try to stand on anything and everything, her little dances when she hears music start, the way she smacks her lips when she eats, when she hugs Logan, when she finally gets the ball on top of the toy and rubs her belly and dances (Sean's favorite).

This year we went to Bradenton twice, Ft. Lauderdale, and drove to The Outer Banks (with stops in DC and Philly). It was a different experience each time but she was always great. I'm glad we got to see my parents so many times. We were spoiled this year for sure.

She is a true joy. I can't believe this is the last weekly post. Even though it was hard some weeks finding the time and energy I am so glad I did. And now with Brandon on his way I know I will be doing weekly posts for him because I treasure looking back on hers. But for now we will do monthly and see how that goes.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ellie: 51 Weeks

Ellie started new daycare this week. She only went 3 days because Thursday was another snow day and Friday we left for Florida. She was a trooper and everyone loved her. I can't believe next week she turns one!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ellie: 50 Weeks

We beat the cold/double ear infection! She went to school Monday and did fine. Even took a 2 hour nap so I think she was still fighting it, but doing so much better. Wednesday, we had ANOTHER snow day but she showed us how she can push her walker and wanted to do it over and over so it was worth it. She was so proud of herself.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ellie: 49 Weeks

My sweet girl was a hot mess this week. Don't let the adorable picture fool you. She had a bad cold and on day 3 we took her in to find out she had a double ear infection. All she wanted to do was lay on your chest and rub her snotty nose all over you. It was awesome because she is never like, that but at the same time I felt bad she was so miserable. Sean and I took turns taking time off from work since she couldn't go to daycare. She wouldn't finish her bottles. She wouldn't touch finger foods or purees. It was a very strange week. But she is feeling so much better and I think the antibiotics helped immediately. The number 52 has never had an importance in my life but as we get closer to her one year mark it has never meant more.


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